Avon currently manufactures three standard domestic CLEANAIRE models: the MA600-80, MB600-95 and the MB800-95.
The differences between the standard models are small but allow for a more specialised unit for your home.  The last two numbers refer to the efficiency and the other three numbers refer to the volume of the home it is designed for (example: the MB600-95 is designed for a home volume up to 600m³ and is up to 95% efficient).  The MB models are slightly bigger than the MA model as they hold a larger air to air heat exchange core (the reason the MB600-95 is more efficient that the MA600-80).  To accommodate for larger homes, which incorporate more ducting and greater pressure losses, the MB800-95 has larger fans.
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A Genuine HRV must include an impermeable Heat Exchange Core.  Every Cleanaire HRV has an integral aluminium Heat Exchange Core, capable of reaching up to 80-95% efficiency.  Aluminium plate cores are more durable than plastic heat exchangers, they require less maintenance and reach a higher efficiency making them the superior choice, for this reason we offer an unmatched 12 year warranty on the aluminium Heat Exchange core.
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